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4-Pocket Toploader Binder - 3x4'' Slots (112 Toploader Card Slots)


Looking to store your cards in both Toploaders and a small portable premium binder?

This small premium collector's binder for toploaders is made specifically to hold 112 cards with toploaders in a safe and secure manner. Showcase your collection easily by opening the smooth zipper-equipped binder and store it without worrying about damaging your cards. No more compromises with your expensive cards! 

Product Features:

  • Made for 3x4'' Toploaders for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering and Sports Cards (35pt Toploaders)
  • Double Sided pages - Sideloading profile
  • 2Total of 112 cards stored in top loaders
  • Easy to carry, put away and open
  • Zipper to close completely
  • Felt Cover finish and non-sticky surface