Best Charizard Cards from the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Era
July 31, 2022

The 5 Best Charizard Cards from the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield era

The 5 Best Charizard Cards from the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield era

Ever since his first appearance in the Pokemon TCG with the release of Base Set in 1999, Charizard has undoubtedly had a strong presence as both a fan favorite and a common chase card in new sets — and the Sword & Shield Era was no different. Currently, Charizard cards are amongst the hottest items in our Pokémon Singles selection.

Now whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting into the hobby, our list is a good place to start if you are wondering what you should keep an eye out for. Note that we did include Charizard cards from mini sets that release in the Sword & Shield Era to broaden our options. 

Top 5 Charizard Cards from Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 

#5 - Radiant Charizard - Pokemon GO (Special Set)

To kick off our top 5 we have the Radiant Charizard from the much anticipated Pokemon Go TCG Set that seemingly came out of nowhere. Following the game's success, the TCG expansion does not fail to deliver. This Charizard is the first to be featured with the new "Radiant" variant which was introduced in Astral Radiance and being reminiscent of the shiny Charizard, it's no surprise that everyone sought to have one. The good pull rate matched with a medium price point makes this Charizard a perfect place to start. 

Radiant Charizard


#4 - Charizard V (Alternate Full Art) - SWSH09: Brilliant Stars

In his one and only (so far) Alternate Art form, this Charizard from Brilliant Stars gives us a new perspective art when Charizard is engaged in an intense battle with a Venusaur. The orange on black gives this card a completely different feel from what we are used to seeing. The card's higher price makes it a good pickup for future value as it is the first Alternate Art Charizard in the TCG. 

Charizard V (Alternate Full Art)


#3 - Charizard VSTAR (Secret) - SWSH09: Brilliant Stars

Brilliant Stars gave us 4 Charizards and here's another one that made our list. This time, we get to see the first Secret VSTAR version of Charizard. When this set released, this was the ultimate chase card and everyone wanted to pull it. The card fetches a high price, looks amazing and is a great addition to any Charizard collection. 

Charizard VSTAR (Secret)


#2 - Charizard V (Secret) - Champion's Path

Sometimes a card design doesn't need to be intricate to be a fan favorite, and The Pokemon Company hit the nail on the head with this one. Take a Shining Charizard and give it an elegant pose on a light background and you've got yourself a winning illustration. This one is both majestic and worth a pretty penny, which makes it a must-have for any Charizard collector — Although pulling one from any Champion's path sealed product is a difficult feat in itself. 

Charizard V (Secret)


Honorable Mention - Charizard - Celebrations: Classic Collection

Some may say they are tired of seeing reprints of the original Base Set Charizard artwork, but there's still something special with pulling one from a booster pack. The Holo pattern in this Celebrations variant feels closer to the original than its Evolutions counterpart, and is still the top chase card from Pokemon Celebrations. 



#1 - Charizard VMAX (Secret) - Champion's Path

It's clear that Champion's Path had one goal and that was to bring us some high quality Charizards. Based on the artwork from Darkness Ablaze and its variant reprint in Shining Fates, this version of the Charizard VMAX is the ultimate trophy. Mixing a dark border palette with the signature Secret Rare Rainbow, nothing screams "The Kin of Charizard Cards" more than this card. It currently sits as the highest valued Charizard in the Sword & Shield Era and the price is not set to drop anytime soon. Pull rates are also extremely low thus making it a truly rare find. 

Charizard VMAX (Secret)



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