Best Pokémon Japanese Booster Box
May 25, 2023

Top 5 Best Japanese Pokémon Booster Box to get in 2024 (UPDATED)

Top 5 Best Japanese Pokémon Booster Box to get in 2024


As the year 2024 unfolds, the captivating world of Pokémon continues to enchant trainers and collectors alike. With an ever-growing fanbase and a wide array of captivating cards, the thrill of opening booster packs remains an exhilarating experience. For those seeking an extra touch of authenticity and exclusivity, Japanese booster boxes have emerged as a coveted treasure trove for Pokémon enthusiasts. You can easily pick up a Japanese Booster Box here.

Renowned for their stunning artwork, unique card releases, and special promotions, Japanese booster boxes offer a distinct charm that sets them apart from their international counterparts. In this article, we delve into the realm of Pokémon collectibles and present the top 5 best Pokémon Japanese booster boxes to acquire in 2023. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a passionate trainer seeking rare finds, these booster boxes promise an unforgettable journey through the diverse world of Pokémon cards.

With the immense popularity of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) on a global scale, the demand for Japanese booster boxes has skyrocketed. These boxes often feature exclusive card sets, alternate art versions, and promotional cards that are highly sought after by collectors. Furthermore, the allure of Japanese booster boxes lies in their early access to new expansions, providing fans with a glimpse into the future of the Pokémon TCG.

In this comprehensive guide, we have carefully curated a list of the top 5 Japanese booster boxes that are expected to make waves in the year 2023. Our selection criteria consider factors such as the rarity of cards, collectible value, artwork quality, and overall excitement generated by the set. Each of these booster boxes is a testament to the enduring legacy of Pokémon and showcases the creativity and craftsmanship behind these beloved collectibles.

Our Best Japanese Booster Box List (so far)

#5 — Pokémon Raging Surf Booster Box

Best Japanese Pokémon booster box raging surf

Raging Surf may be the most underrated set to release in the last 12 months. It features not only some incredible arts but the price of the Booster Box continues to remain very good which is a strong indicator of a balanced set. Find some of Scarlet & Violet's best artwork yet in this set and fall in love with cards like the Groudon SR, Parasol Lady and Garchomp SAR.

#4 — Pokémon Triplet Beat Booster Box

Triplet Beat Booster Box and Cards

The Japanese predecessor to Paldea Evolved, the set that features all three new starter Pokémon from Scarlet & Violet. Triplet Beat is noticeably more vivid in color and design, making it a great set for artwork collectors. There is an array of cards that hold their share of value, like the Meowscarada Ex and of course the lovely Trainer Card Dendra. Triplet Beat is a great Japanese set to pickup if you are looking to spend less and get a nice variety of illustration art rares. 

#3 — Pokémon Snow Hazard Booster Box

Snow Hazard Japanese Pokémon Booster Box

Making it's way at our number 3 spot is the beautiful Snow Hazard set, which release alongside the extremely expensive Clay Burst. While the latter has the incredibly rare and expensive Iono Trainer card, the rest of the set falls short compared to Snow Hazard. The snow / winter aesthetic of the cards give them a much cleaner appeal, and for half the price. Snow Hazard will surely gain value in the future but for the time being, this is a great inexpensive set to pickup.   

#2 — Pokémon Shiny Treasure Booster Box

Best Pokémon japanese booster box to get in 2024

The most recent Japanese High-Class set is a big hit with collectors and fans alike. Being the largest Pokémon set released to date, it features over 130 Shiny Pokémon, Baby Shinnies, Full arts and some wonderful Secret Rare cards. Shiny Treasure EX is available at a much better price point than other high-class sets for the moment and is a great pickup if you like Shiny Pokémon like Mew, Pikachu and the new Scarlet & Violet Starters.

#1 — VSTAR Universe Booster Box

Best Pokémon Booster Box Japanese - Vstar Universe

VSTAR Universe Released at the end of 2022, and was the Japanese set that would turn into the amazing Crown Zenith that we know. In 2023, this is still the best Japanese set when you consider Artwork, Value of Cards, Price and Product Satisfaction. While the Booster box only contains 10 packs instead of the usual 30, these are packed with double the cards and 3 guaranteed Holo cards. The set is still selling at a relatively low price while offering a full range of Galarian Gallery cards, Full art Trainers and more! 



In conclusion, the allure of Pokémon Japanese booster boxes continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts in 2023. These boxes not only offer exclusive card sets, stunning artwork, and promotional treasures but also provide a unique glimpse into the future of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. With each box representing a gateway to rare and sought-after cards, the journey of opening these boosters becomes an exhilarating experience that fuels the passion for Pokémon.

Our exploration of the top 5 best Pokémon Japanese booster boxes in 2023 has showcased the diversity and excitement that awaits collectors. From classic sets that invoke nostalgia to cutting-edge expansions that push the boundaries of creativity, these boxes offer a comprehensive range of options to suit every collector's preference. Whether you seek to complete your collection, showcase rare cards, or simply revel in the joy of opening booster packs, these Japanese booster boxes provide a gateway to unforgettable moments.

As the Pokémon TCG continues to evolve and new sets emerge, the demand for Japanese booster boxes will only grow stronger. The anticipation and thrill of acquiring these exclusive treasures will remain an integral part of the Pokémon experience. So, whether you're an avid collector, a dedicated player, or someone captivated by the charm of Pokémon, don't miss the opportunity to explore the captivating world of the top 5 best Pokémon Japanese booster boxes in 2023.

Embrace the adventure, embrace the thrill, and embark on your journey into the realm of Pokémon Japanese booster boxes. Let the anticipation build, and revel in the wonder that awaits you as you dive into the world of Pokémon collectibles. Happy hunting and may your booster packs hold the rarest of treasures!