Fake Pokémon cards - a rise in fakes, scams and counterfeits during the Holidays
December 07, 2022

Pokémon Card Scams, Fakes and Counterfeits! — How to catch them all this Holiday season

Scams, fakes, and counterfeits! — The popularity of the Pokémon Trading Card Game in Canada is on the rise, and so are those looking to take advantage of buyers this Holiday season.

Reports by collectors and members of the hobby point to more and more sellers trying to pass off fake cards and products across a variety of platforms and websites.

 Image found on Facebook Marketplace — listing of fake cards:

Fake GX Pokémon card
Undoubtedly, this surge in scams and counterfeits is making a lot of parents weary of purchasing gifts for their kids in the format of Pokémon cards.

“It truly breaks my heart — Parents are contacting us and asking if the cards they bought or if the ones their kid brought home from school are fake. This has been happening more and more as we get closer to the Holidays”, says Danielle ‘’Danireon’’ Lavigne, Co-Founder at Pokémon Card Store Danireon.com

While many are also looking to score some deals on their Pokémon cards and lower their cost by shopping on outlets such as Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Wish, AliExpress, etc. — the increase in fakes, counterfeit cards and scammers is making it difficult to navigate the market for parents and non-experienced collectors.

In the image below we can see something that is very popular with kids and parents, the ''gold Pokémon cards'' - While the sellers of these products on Amazon and other sites NEVER claim that these are authentic, most buy them thinking they are real and then try to sell them afterwards — and many are putting them up for sale knowing they have a reproduction product.

 Gold Pokémon cards - reproduction cards (not authentic)

Here are some tips to minimize scams and ensure the cards you are purchasing are authentic:

  • Shop at your Local Game Stores (LGS) / Card Shops — they know what’s authentic!

  • If a deal looks too good to be true, it’s likely the case

  • Check the seller’s profile for reviews (stars) on Marketplace and Kijiji, ask questions!

  • Avoid online discount sites like Wish, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc.

  • For sealed items, compare pictures on Google to see if the packaging is the same

  • Be careful on Amazon and Walmart (online) as they allow 3rd party sellers on the platform

  • For modern cards, check them under light – if they have a straight top-to-bottom shine they are likely counterfeit. Alternatively, use your phone’s flashlight, place the card on top and see if the light passes through the card (this only works for non-vintage English cards)

  • Bring cards with you to compare paper quality, sizing, font and color.

  • Join Pokémon groups on Facebook and Discord to get other opinions on the items you are looking to purchase.

Danireon Cards & Games is proud to carry one of the largest selections of Pokémon cards in Canada with over 20 000 singles cards and products. Our parent-friendly store is community-driven, and staff are always available to provide insight and recommendations. Shipping Canada-Wide and Free Local Pickup in Ottawa, ON.