What to Do With Pokémon Tins
March 05, 2024

What to Do With Pokémon Tins

As one of the core pieces of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, tins are some of the most popular ways to grow your collection. Whether you want rare art promotional cards to show off or increase your odds of getting your hands on powerful cards for your deck, tins are an excellent choice.

However, if you buy plenty of them, you probably wonder what to do with empty Pokémon tins after getting all the fantastic cards inside. Should you just throw them away, or do they serve another purpose?

In this guide, we’ll explore precisely what to do with Pokémon tins, including some fun ways to get just as much value out of the tin itself as the cards within.

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Let’s discuss what to do with Pokémon tins from the moment you buy them.

What are Pokémon Tins?

If you are new to the Pokémon TCG or have only brought premade decks or booster packs, we should start by discussing what a Pokémon tin is.

Tins are a specially crafted metal container, usually centered around one Pokémon and a signature rare card within a set.

For example, the Crown Zenith Galarian Zapdos Tin contains a full-art promo card featuring the legendary bird Pokémon and five booster packs from the Crown Zenith set.

If you enjoy rare Pokémon trainer cards like Trainer Gallery cards for their full art, there are also tins for you! Some mini tins feature promotional art collectibles with trainers from the Pokémon series, like the Crown Zenith Marni & Morpeeko Mini Tin.

Beyond the cards inside each tin, the containers themselves are often visually appealing and can be collector’s items in their own right.

Why Pokémon Card Tins are so Popular

So, what sets apart a Pokémon tin from a booster pack or box?

Pokémon card tins are at an ideal price point to build your collection, especially if you are just getting started. Because they offer a guaranteed card featuring fan-favorite Pokémon like starters and legendaries, you will always feel satisfied by investing in a tin.

Of course, the fact that most tins come with five extra booster packs is also a big part of their popularity. That means five more chances at multiple rare cards, which can be huge for growing your deck.

Beyond the cards within, the artwork on Pokémon tins is also extraordinarily high-quality, centering around the featured Pokémon to create a cohesive theme. This gives extra utility to Pokémon tins long after opening.

Is it Worth Keeping Pokémon Tins?

When considering what to do with Pokémon tins, you are probably wondering if keeping the containers at all is even worth it.

However, keeping a Pokémon tin even after opening all the cards and packs is usually worthwhile!

The containers hold plenty of value due to their unique art, limited availability, and aesthetic appeal. If you don’t want to hold on to a tin just for investment potential, it can be helpful in several ways.

Most importantly, Pokémon tins are among the best ways to honor some of your favorite Pokémon and characters. For example, the Paldea Partners Meowscarada Tin, like its counterparts, is a must-have for fans of the Gen 9 grass starter.

As for what to do with Pokémon tins to keep them functional, let’s cover that next.

What do Do With Pokémon Tins After Opening Them

You may be surprised at all the creative ways you can use an empty Pokémon tin. You can use empty containers for DIY projects, including storage, keeping the tin for room decor, or using them to trade or sell unwanted cards.

Storage Solutions

Learning how to organize Pokémon cards is a crucial skill for any Pokémon collector. While we recommend specific accessories like binders or card sleeves for your most valuable cards, Pokémon tins can still play a helpful role.

You can place most of your cards within a Pokémon tin, which will keep them safe far more effectively than tossing them in a drawer somewhere. 

As a bonus, if you purchase a tin with each set release, you can simply keep your cards organized by set by using their respective containers, even if you invest in more booster packs later.

DIY Projects

Beyond acting as a DIY Pokémon card binder, Pokémon tins can easily be recycled or modified for a creative project. You can use a Pokémon tin to hold art or office supplies, jewelry, or other Pokémon memorabilia.

Another fun project is to use the tin as a centerpiece for your art, adding to the already beautiful base art with additional features like embellished jewels, stickers, or paint.

Gifting and Trading

If you don’t want to get creative with your Pokémon tins, you can simply hold onto them for other collectors.

Pokémon tins themselves make great gifts, even without the cards within. You could buy a tin that is themed around a Pokémon you know a friend will enjoy, open the booster packs within, and then send them the container and promotional card.

Alternatively, because of the popularity and limited release of tins, you can also sell your container on the secondary market. Tins retain value long after their release, thanks to their utility and pleasing designs for collectors.

Protection When Shipping Cards

If you plan to sell or trade cards, an unwanted tin can be an excellent way to ship them rather than letting them rattle around loosely in a box or envelope. Shipping your cards with a tin could also help you receive extra value for your trade-in, especially if you are selling to a card shop.

Displaying Tins as Decor

Finally, Pokémon tins feature some of the best art found anywhere within the Pokémon TCG. Each tin displays a specific Pokémon or trainer, making them a unique collectible decor piece.

You can place an empty tin on your desk or a shelf or as a centerpiece near your binder of cards to add an aesthetically pleasing piece to your daily life.

How Do You Recycle Pokémon Tins if You Can’t Find a Use For Them?

Although there are plenty of options for what to do with Pokémon tins, it is possible that you just want to declutter your space and part ways with your container. If so, we strongly encourage you to consider recycling the tin as the most eco-friendly option.

Since most tins are made of metal, you should be able to recycle them within a designated bin. Check local recycling guidelines for specifics on recycling your Pokémon tin.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about what to do with Pokémon tins after opening them. The only thing left to figure out is where to buy them in the first place! If you are in Canada or elsewhere in North America, we have just the place in mind.

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Wrapping Up Our Guide on What to Do With Empty Pokémon Tins

Pokémon tins are an exciting way to build your collection, giving you access to a rare promotional card and the thrill of opening booster packs. As for what to do with empty Pokémon tins after you have opened them, the possibilities are endless!

You can use them as storage for your cards until you put them in a Pokémon card binder, trade your tins with other players, or use the art on the tin as a piece of home decor.

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Otherwise, now that you know what to do with Pokémon tins and how they can help grow your collection, all that is left is to start shopping!

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