How Rare Are VSTAR Pokémon Cards?
January 09, 2024

How Rare Are VSTAR Pokémon Cards?

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge cards to win battles or hunting for unique alternate art cards for your collection, VSTAR cards are among the most valuable cards in the Pokémon TCG.

VSTAR cards offer an ultimate evolution for your favorite Pokémon with special abilities and unique designs. Given their value for collectors and battlers alike, rare VSTAR Pokémon cards can be tricky to find on the secondary market for reasonable prices.

But how rare are VSTAR Pokémon cards, really?

In today’s guide, we’ll cover everything you need about this unique Pokémon card class. You’ll receive insight into how rare VSTAR Pokémon cards are and a top 10 rarest VSTAR Pokémon cards list to help you expand your collection.

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There’s much to discuss with rare Pokémon VSTAR cards, so let’s dive right in!

What are Pokémon VSTAR Cards?

Before we crack into our list of the top 10 rarest VSTAR Pokémon cards, we’ll first need to understand the ins and outs of the VSTAR mechanics.

First introduced in 2022 as part of Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars, Pokémon VSTAR cards are powerful, evolved forms of Pokémon V cards. Like VMAX Pokémon cards or GX cards from previous sets, the VSTAR mechanic can turn the tides of a battle due to powerful abilities.

Let’s use Hisuian Samurott from the Sword & Shield Astral Radiance set as an example. The base Hisuian Samurott V card has 220 hit points and a 180 damage move for three energy. The upgraded Hisuian Samurott VSTAR has 270 hitpoints, the potential for 220 damage on only two energy, and a special ability to add four damage counters to an enemy once per match.

We could gush about the gameplay benefits of VSTAR cards for days, but VSTAR cards are also valuable if you only want to collect cards rather than play the TCG.

Are VSTAR Pokémon Cards Rare?

Given VSTAR cards' power, you may wonder how they fit in the Pokémon TCG economy. So, are VSTAR Pokémon cards rare, and how difficult is it to get your hands on one?

VSTAR Pokémon cards consist of some of the rarest cards in the Pokémon TCG. While the base-form V Pokémon are Ultra Rare Pokémon cards, some VSTAR cards are classified as ‘Secret Rare’ due to their alternate art, like Whimsicott VSTAR from Brilliant Stars.

Wait, secret rare, ultra rare… what does that mean? How rare are VSTAR Pokémon cards?

It’s understandable to have questions, especially given the complexity of the English and Japanese Pokémon card rarity systems. Let’s discuss how rare VSTAR Pokémon cards actually are.

How Rare Are VSTAR Pokémon Cards?

Your odds of pulling any VSTAR card from a booster pack or box will depend on the parameters of each set release that features these rare cards. Regular VSTAR cards are rated as ‘Ultra Rare’ in English releases, giving them a pull rate of around 1 to 3% in most booster packs. You would need approximately 30 packs to pull these rare Pokémon VSTAR cards.

However, most rare VSTAR Pokémon cards also come with alternate art versions, placing them into the ‘Secret Rare’ category. For example, the Aerodactyl VSTAR card from Lost Origin features a rainbow-color scheme. These cards have pull rates around 0.1% to 0.5%, so you may need to pull hundreds of packs to find one.

So, how rare are VSTAR Pokémon cards overall?

Pulling any VSTAR card in a booster pack should be considered an exciting and lucky pull. If you are hunting for a specific Pokémon or alternate art, you may be better served by looking for the card on the secondary market.

Speaking of specific cards, let’s switch gears to our top 10 rarest VSTAR Pokémon cards list.

Top 10 Rarest VSTAR Pokémon Cards

How rare are VSTAR Pokémon cards? Most cards can be found once every 30 packs, but the rarest alternate art options are much more scarce. Secret Rare VSTAR Pokémon cards have pull rates closer to 1 in 1,000 packs.

Combined with the popularity of some of these Pokémon, it can be challenging to find copies on the secondary market. Here’s our list of extremely rare Pokémon VSTAR cards in descending order.

  1. Giratina VSTAR Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  2. Charizard VSTAR Brilliant Stars Alternate Art
  3. Arceus VSTAR Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  4. Mewtwo VSTAR Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  5. Origin Forme Palkia Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  6. Origin Forme Dialga Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  7. Leafeon VSTAR Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  8. Glaceon VSTAR Galarian Gallery Crown Zenith
  9. Girantina VSTAR Lost Origin Alternate Art
  10. Charizard VSTAR Brilliant Stars

As you can see, the list is dominated by alternate art cards featuring rare and legendary Pokémon. Charizard Pokémon cards are already rare and valuable, and when you add unique gameplay mechanics and art, you end up with some of the scarcest Pokémon TCG cards in existence.

Most of our top 10 rarest VSTAR Pokémon cards list features Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery cards. Like trainer gallery cards from previous sets, these cards feature full art of iconic Pokémon and unique game mechanics, making them highly sought after by collectors and battlers alike.

But if you see one of your favorite cards on this list, there’s still hope to find a copy for yourself! Let’s discuss how to increase your odds of finding these rare VSTAR Pokémon cards.

Tips on Shopping for Rare VSTAR Pokémon Cards

We’ve established that all VSTAR Pokémon cards are rare and valuable, so if one catches your eye, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to add it to your collection.

With the help of these tips, you can increase your odds of finding a rare VSTAR card to add to your collection, whether you are aiming to add every Mewtwo card ever printed to your collection or just want a game-winning Pokémon like Arceus VSTAR.

Where to Find Rare VSTAR Cards

You have a few paths to tread when searching for VSTAR cards.

You can go the booster pack or box route. VSTAR cards come from the Brilliant Stars, Lost Origin, Pokémon GO, Silver Tempest, VSTAR Universe, and Crown Zenith sets. However, pulling directly from booster boxes only gives you a generic chance for each card, with lower odds for specific Pokémon.

Alternatively, shopping for VSTAR cards at secondary card shops, like Danireon, offers a way to find the exact card you want. Many collectors will sell unwanted VSTAR cards to card shops to fund a purchase of the Pokémon they want, keeping inventories fresh.

Validating Authenticity and Condition of VSTAR Cards

Understanding how to tell if a Pokémon card is fake or real is a vital part of shopping for rare VSTAR cards. With many VSTAR cards having multiple prints and art styles, you must ensure you can verify all of a card's tiny features.

Do your research on holofoil patterns, textures, serial numbers, and other symbols for your desired card. You’ll also want to verify the gameplay mechanics are consistent with the official Pokémon TCG databases, even if you don’t plan on battling with your new VSTAR card.

In addition to verifying if a card is authentic, you also want to ensure it is in good condition. Check for damage, like scratches or alterations, as this can lower the value of a card. You can also look for cards that PSA services have graded for an extra layer of security.

Preserving the Value of Your VSTAR Cards

What about if you’ve pulled or purchased a VSTAR card yourself? How can you keep its value in the long run?

If you’re investing money into a rare card, you want to ensure you take all necessary steps to maintain its condition. We recommend you keep your cards in a safe location, like top loader binders or sleeves, to shield them from moisture, sunlight, and scratches.

PSA Grading services can also help you verify a card’s value, especially if you keep your card in good condition.

Strategies for Trading and Selling VSTAR Cards

Trading VSTAR cards can be a helpful way to save money for a rare card on your wishlist. Figuring out where to sell Pokémon cards can be especially helpful if you are hunting for VSTAR Pokémon cards by opening booster packs.

If you pull a rare VSTAR card, but it isn’t one you want to keep, you may still benefit from holding onto the card rather than selling it immediately. Extremely rare cards can hold long-term value when graded by rating services and kept in good condition.

Overall, VSTAR Pokémon cards are scarce but by no means impossible to find. Your odds of finding the exact Pokémon you’re looking for are best when you find a reliable card shop.

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Wrapping Up Our Guide to Rare VSTAR Pokémon Cards

Before you run off to shop for VSTAR cards, let’s review our conversation. Are VSTAR Pokémon cards rare, and how can you find copies for your collection?

Due to their unique gameplay mechanics and captivating full-art, VSTAR Pokémon cards rank among the rarest Pokémon cards in existence. But how rare are VSTAR Pokémon cards exactly?

For standard art VSTAR cards classified as ‘Ultra Rare,’ you can expect to find one in every 30 booster packs. If you have eyes on an alternate art card, like Shaymin VSTAR, prepare to pull hundreds of packs just for a chance at a copy.

However, you can increase your odds of finding rare VSTAR Pokémon cards by shopping at Danireon! We have a constantly evolving inventory of rare cards, including VSTAR cards and their V pre-evolution cards you need to play during a battle.

We pair a deep selection of cards with a guarantee of card condition, market prices, and authenticity, ensuring you can shop for your favorite Pokémon worry-free.

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