What Are Trainer Gallery Cards?
December 05, 2023

What Are Trainer Gallery Cards?

From Ash and Pikachu to Leo and Charizard, the world of Pokémon is full of iconic duos of trainers and their trusty companions. Whether you’ve played several generations of the Pokémon video games or you can recite lines from most anime episodes, it’s only natural to find favorites among these characters.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has historically separated monster cards from trainer cards, so if you want to play homage to a favorite duo, you need both copies. However, in recent generations of the same, a new way to honor these combinations emerged in the form of trainer gallery cards.

But wait, what are trainer gallery cards?

Pairing your favorite characters and their signature Pokémon with unique alt art, trainer gallery cards are ultra rare Pokémon cards that are an excellent investment for any collector. We’ve compiled this guide exploring trainer gallery cards in detail to help you figure out how to find your favorite duos, whether you plan to battle or simply want to add to your collection.

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There’s much more to trainer galley cards than meets the eye, so let’s explore them in detail to help you find the best deals while shopping.

What Are Trainer Gallery Cards?

At their core, trainer gallery cards play a unique role in the Pokémon TCG. Unlike most cards with only a trainer or a Pokémon, trainer gallery cards feature both in iconic alternate art poses.

This alternate art can lead to rare, never-before-seen interactions, such as the Blaziken VMAX card from the Silver Tempest set, which humorously features May holding on to her signature Pokémon for dear life.

Definition and Overview

So, what are trainer gallery cards? We can specifically define trainer gallery cards as alternate-art cards depicting trainers from the Pokémon video games, anime, or manga, usually paired with one of their signature Pokémon.

Compared to standard versions of Pokémon cards, these trainer galley cards stand out, making them excellent collector’s items and an exciting way to add some flair while deckbuilding for competitive play.

History and Evolution

What about the history of trainer gallery cards? Surprisingly, trainer gallery cards are a relatively new addition for a series based around the friendship and bond between trainers and their Pokémon companions.

You may be wondering, what are trainer gallery cards compared to vintage Pokémon cards featuring a character and their Pokémon?

Let’s take the Professor Elm card from Neo Genesis, released in 2000, as an example. This card does feature a character and Pokémon together but lacks the high rarity and alternate art found in modern trainer gallery cards.

We first saw the current version of trainer gallery cards introduced in the 2022 Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars set. This first release came with thirty unique alternate art cards, designated by the classifiers TG1 through TG30.

Officially, only a few sets contain trainer gallery cards. These sets include Brilliant Stars, Lost Origin, Astral Radiance, and Silver Tempest from Sword & Shield. With each set featuring 30 trainer gallery cards, this means there are only 120 in existence.

In practice, sets released since then have also featured alternate art cards. For example, the Crown Zenith set features ‘Galarian Gallery’ cards, like GG Mew, with similar designs. It’s unclear if more gallery-style cards will be released in future sets since they aren’t present in Scarlet & Violet sets, making the current selection rarer and more valuable with each passing day.

You now know what trainer gallery cards are, but why should you invest in them?

The Significance of Trainer Gallery Cards

Trainer Gallery cards offer a unique way to connect with your favorite characters and Pokémon. These cards provide never-before-seen art that can act as the crowning jewel in a collection paying homage to your favorite Pokémon. Plus, many of these cards come with unique battling mechanics that can turn the tides of any match if you are more focused on gameplay.

Collectibility and Popularity

Trainer gallery cards are rare, and only getting more rare by the day. Combined with their alternate art that can’t be found elsewhere, these cards make for excellent collector’s items.

The odds of pulling a rare card in any individual booster pack are already fairly low, and then you need to get lucky that you get the one card out of the 30 you are looking for.

The secondary market offers a better way to find these rare cards, but you will still find that cards with popular trainers and Pokémon are difficult to find.

Use in Gameplay

Within gameplay, trainer gallery cards can play several roles depending on their classification and the set in which they were released.

For example, take the character Kabu, a gym leader first introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The Centiskorch VMAX card from the Lost Origin is a playable Gigantamax monster card featuring Kabu in the artwork. However, you can also find a Kabu support trainer gallery card that allows you to draw more cards.

Given the powerful abilities of trainer gallery cards and their popularity, you are certain to encounter them when crafting a deck or battling other players.

We’ve established why trainer gallery cards are so popular. With that, how can you properly value these cards to ensure you are paying the right amount?

Rarity and Value of Trainer Gallery Cards

With trainer gallery cards being some of the rarest cards on the market, determining a proper price can be challenging. Only so many copies exist due to their rare pull rates in booster packs.

Rarity Levels Compared to Other Cards

So how rare are trainer gallery cards, anyway? Let’s take a look at the pull rates for an average booster pack. We can consider trainer gallery cards on par with ‘Secret Rare’ or higher cards. You can expect an average of one secret rare card per 50 packs, depending on the specific set.

Given you also need to hit on one of 30 trainer gallery options, the odds of you finding the exact card you want are slim.

Assessing the Value of Specific Trainer Gallery Cards

The good news is that most individual copies of trainer gallery cards you would find on the secondary market are more affordable than opening 50+ booster packs.

Let’s take a look at a few popular English and Japanese Pokémon cards values for trainer gallery cards:

As you can see, trainer gallery cards can vary wildly in value based on popularity and current supply on the secondary market. If you see a copy of one of your individual favorites available, we recommend scooping it up to avoid unexpected price jumps!

What Are Some of the Best Trainer Gallery Cards?

The beauty of trainer gallery cards is the ‘best’ ones are entirely up to you! If your favorite Pokémon and trainers are less popular, you’ll be able to find deals to help you build your collections.

Some of the most popular versions of trainer gallery cards come in the form of VMAX Pokémon cards. For example, VMAX Pikachu, VMAX Umbreon, and VMAX Rayquaza rank among the most valuable cards, pairing iconic duos with massive gameplay potential.

Now that you have an idea of how to budget for trainer gallery cards, how can you go about adding them to your collection?

Building and Enhancing Your Collection

There are a couple of ways to add rare trainer gallery cards to your collection, and the best choice for you will depend on your goals.

Booster packs and Pokémon collection boxes offer you the fun of opening packs and hunting for rare options, with many cards eligible for trade-in towards a rare single. Conversely, buying single cards from a reliable merchant can allow you to skip the randomness aspect.

Tips on Shopping for Authentic Trainer Gallery Cards

Purchasing individual cards comes with its share of challenges. Unfortunately, fake VMAX Pokémon cards exist on the market, making second-hand marketplaces like eBay and Amazon too risky for individual purposes.

You will need to learn how to spot fake Pokémon cards to avoid any scams. Additionally, we recommend only shopping with verified and trusted merchants with a track record of authenticity.

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Wrapping Up Our Beginner’s Guide to Trainer Gallery Cards

Before you run off to search for your favorite cards, let’s recap. What are trainer gallery cards, and how can you find the ones you want?

Officially, trainer gallery cards consist of 120 cards across four sets in the Sword & Shield era. These cards feature alternate art displaying the unique connection of iconic character duos from the Pokémon video games, anime, and manga.

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If you enjoyed this guide, consider some of our other blog posts, like our guide on how to create a DIY Pokémon card binder or a look at how many packs are in a Pokémon booster box.

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