Are VMAX Pokémon Cards Rare?
June 07, 2024

Are VMAX Pokémon Cards Rare?

Since their introduction in the Sword & Shield era, VMAX Pokémon cards have become some of the most iconic and sought-after releases.

With game-changing power akin to the Gigantamax mechanics in the mainline video games and illustrious artwork that makes them a must-have in any collection, it’s no surprise they’ve become so popular.

But are VMAX Pokémon cards rare enough to the point that you can’t easily find them?

Thankfully, getting your hands on ultra-rare VMAX Pokémon cards is possible, especially when you know where and how to look.

This guide will cover all your questions, like how rare are VMAX Pokémon cards, how do they compare to other unique releases, and what tools do you need to get a fair idea of their value?

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Overview of VMAX Pokémon Cards

VMAX Pokémon cards are among the most iconic releases ever to come to the game. They feature Pokémon in their ultimate evolutionary forms, paired with awe-inspiring full art that makes them unique.

But are VMAX Pokémon cards rare? To answer that question properly, we must examine their history and unique characteristics.

The History of VMAX Cards

Despite their impact on the game, VMAX cards are a relatively new addition to the TCG. They debuted in the Sword & Shield era in 2020, parallel to the introduction of the Gigantamax concept in the mainline games.

The Pokémon Company foresaw the popular demand, bumping up the rarity of VMAX cards to reflect their unique mechanics. Rare VMAX Pokémon cards have only become more scarce and valuable, and this mechanic has not seen new releases since Crown Zenith, the final expansion of the era.

It’s vital to note that VSTAR cards also fall under the umbrella of VMAX. These ultra-rare VMAX Pokémon cards debuted in Brilliant Stars and featured extra combat mechanics to turn the tide of a battle.

Unique Features and Characteristics

While VMAX cards are inspired by GX and EX mechanics from previous sets, they have distinctive rules that set them apart.

These cards have expanded HP pools, impactful attacks, and unique abilities, making them a must-have in competitive play. Take, for example, VSTAR Origin Forme Dialga, which features an ability that gives you an extra turn.

Similarly, the art on VMAX Pokémon cards is unmatched. VMAX Holiday Calendar Glaceon features the iconic Eeveelution with snowflakes and a wintery theme, making it an excellent addition to any collection.

Plenty of ultra-rare VMAX Pokémon cards with impactful in-game abilities and one-of-a-kind artwork further drive up their popularity and demand.

Are VMAX Pokémon Cards Rare?

So, are VMAX Pokémon cards rare

Absolutely, though the word “rare” gets thrown out a ton in card collecting.

In the world of the Pokémon TCG, rarity isn’t just about the odds of pulling a card or how unique its abilities and art are. There’s a far more complex equation that determines every card’s rareness.

What Makes a Pokémon Card Rare?

The true measure of a card’s rarity lies in its popularity among collectors and competitive players. If a card is suddenly at the top of the meta because of a unique VSTAR or VMAX ability, community members will quickly pick up secondhand copies on the market.

Coupled with a card’s innate rarity, you may have to go through several booster boxes before a new single of a popular VMAX card is released. When this is the case, you’ll often see copies of rare VMAX Pokémon cards on the market for hundreds of dollars.

Where VMAX Cards Sit in the Pokémon Rarity Rankings

The rarity system in Pokémon TCG has constantly evolved over the years, and to make matters more complicated, it differs between English and Japanese releases!

Because of that, VMAX Pokémon cards do not have one consistent numerical rarity. Many of the cards are Rare or Ultra Rare, but some can be even more scarce, like Holo Rares, Galarian Gallery Rares, and Shiny Rares.

Relative to the many different types of Pokémon cards, VMAX Pokémon cards are right near the top. They are considered a separate rarity from base V cards, the material you need to evolve them in the game.

This makes it notoriously difficult to pull VMAX cards from booster packs. Additionally, because there are no plans for new set releases with VMAX cards, their supply is dwindling with every old booster pack opened.

As such, VMAX Pokémon cards are right up there with other Secret Rare or Illustration Rare cards regarding their scarcity on the secondhand market. If you see one card available, you should act fast, as there’s no telling how long you have to wait to find another one in the future.

How Rare Are VMAX Pokémon Cards? Tips on Assessing Rarity

We touched briefly on what makes VMAX Pokémon cards rare, but to increase your odds of finding them for fair prices on the secondhand market, there are a few tools you’ll need by your side.

Factors Influencing Rarity

VMAX cards have a unique place in the sets they feature in. Many have multiple variations, with alternate art or holographic releases that are harder to find than their ‘base’ versions.

For example, the Silver Tempest Regileki VMAX is hard enough to find as an Ultra Rare card. Rainbow Rare Regileki VMAX is another rarity tier with alternate art that also catches the eyes of collectors.

The more popular a Pokémon is with collectors, and the better its mechanics for competitive players, the harder it will be to find it on the secondhand market.

Of course, you can try hunting for the card you want in booster packs, but that has its difficulty, especially given that Sword & Shield packs are rarer to find since the switch to the Scarlet & Violet era.

Tools and Resources for Evaluating Card Rarity

Seasoned Pokémon card collectors know the benefits of using resources to determine a card’s rarity and value. You need to determine if VMAX Pokémon cards are real and authentic and then find a suitable market price to ensure you are getting fair value for your money.

We recommend joining dedicated communities of TCG collectors, like our community in the Danireon Discord. Connecting with experienced collectors will help you learn the ins and outs of card assessment.

Inspecting Card Condition and Grading Before Buying

Another vital tool in determining English & Japanese Pokémon card values, especially with VMAX cards, is using and understanding grading services. A card’s physical state drastically impacts its perceived value and rarity. Even the slightest blemish can significantly decrease a card’s value for collectors and battlers.

Services like PSA or CGC provide objective, third-party assessments of a card’s value. When you understand their grading frameworks, you can buy and sell rare VMAX Pokémon cards without worry.

We’ve discussed plenty of tips to help you determine the rarity and value of VMAX cards so you have everything you need to start shopping. Let’s now focus on where you should find the best selection of hard-to-find VMAX cards: Danireon!

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  • VMAX Rapid Strike Urshifu: Urshifu’s unique ability can deal 120 damage to two separate Pokémon, a must-have move that is hard to counter.
  • Japanese VMAX Hisuian Samurott Rainbow Rare: Rainbow rares are challenging to find, and this card features an iconic full-evolution starter with unique artwork.
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    Final Thoughts on How Rare VMAX Pokémon Cards Are

    Overall, VMAX cards are among the most sought-after items in the Pokémon TCG for both casual collectors and seasoned veteran battlers alike. 

    Because these cards have rotated out of production and are not seeing new releases, they are becoming more scarce in the second-hand market by the day. Fortunately, you can find a reliable supply of rare VMAX cards here at Danireon!

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