How Rare Are Trainer Gallery Cards?
November 07, 2023

How Rare Are Trainer Gallery Cards?

There are so many reasons to love the world of Pokemon, from iconic Pokemon from the video game releases to lovable and memorable trainers and characters from the anime. The Pokemon Trading Card Game offers another outlet to cherish your favorites from the series.

Whether you are a seasoned battler who has played the game for decades, or you love collecting cards of your favorite Pokemon, the TCG has plenty to offer you. One of the best ways to invest in your love for a specific character or Pokemon is through trainer gallery cards.

Trainer gallery cards are rare prints featuring in-depth artwork displaying popular Pokemon trainers and their trusty pals. But how rare are trainer gallery cards, and where can you find copies with your favorite characters?

We’ve compiled this guide featuring everything you need to know about trainer gallery cards to help you on the hunt for your favorites. There is a lot to cover, so let’s get right into it!

What Are Trainer Gallery Cards?

Among a plethora of ultra rare Pokémon cards, trainer gallery cards stand out for their unique artwork and design. The art featured on these cards covers the entire card and contains scenes and interactions between characters and their signature Pokemon.

You can find both English and Japanese Pokémon cards with ‘TG’ rarity depending on specific set releases.

Definition and Characteristics

Trainer gallery cards are distinct thanks to their artwork. While most standard cards feature artwork encompassing half of the card, the art on a trainer gallery card utilizes the entire length.

The full-length artwork found on trainer gallery cards makes them unique in the world of the Pokemon TCG, adding to their rarity and value among collectors.

Newer sets are beginning to use ‘Illustration Rare’ to denote full-art trainer cards, such as the ‘Giovanni’s Charisma’ card in the newest Scarlet and Violet 151 set.

History and Evolution

Given the storied history of the Pokemon TCG, how rare are trainer gallery cards? This rarity was introduced as part of Sun & Moon sets, with anywhere from twelve to thirty cards per set. 

Many of these cards are listed under ‘Ultra Rare’ or ‘Secret Rare’ rarity, but share the same features as ‘TG’ rare cards. For example, the Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse sets use ‘Secret Rare’ to denote their trainer gallery cards.

Trainer gallery cards exploded in popularity, with the Sword & Shield era of sets adding more ‘TG’ cards per set.

Gameplay Impact

Given their limited run, are trainer gallery cards rare enough to act as game-winning cards for your deck?

The answer can vary wildly. Some trainer gallery cards rank among the most competitively viable VMAX Pokémon cards, such as Umbreon VMAX from the Brilliant Stars set. This card features a full art illustration of Karen, an Elite 4 member and popular character, paired with her signature Umbreon.

Other trainer gallery cards are considered ‘Supporter’ cards, and may only be viable in certain decks given other options available. However, part of the fun of deckbuilding is to create unique strategies centered around your favorite Pokemon, giving you plenty of options to make a trainer gallery card work.

Now that you know how to define trainer gallery cards, let’s switch gears. Are trainer gallery cards rare, and how often can you expect to find them when opening packs?

How Rare Are Trainer Gallery Cards?

When it comes to the rarity of trainer galley cards, we have both good news and bad news.

Trainer gallery cards. Trainer gallery cards share a similar rarity to some alternate art cards and ultra rares, meaning you can expect to find one once every 10 to 20 packs.

How rare are trainer gallery cards given that you can only expect to find them after opening that many packs, though? Several factors can go into the rarity of an individual trainer gallery card, including how many ‘TG’ cards are in a given set, so let’s dive into the details.

Are Trainer Gallery Cards Rare?

As ultra rare cards, trainer gallery cards rank among the more coveted and valuable cards in the Pokemon TCG. Each booster pack you open contains the same odds of finding a rare or greater card,  which means you need to hit on the rare cards you pull.

For example, the Brilliant Stars set included 26 trainer gallery cards out of the overall 195-card set. Conversely, the Cosmic Eclipse set contains 12 secret rare cards out of 248 in total.

Factors Influencing Rarity

How rare are trainer gallery cards given the different sets they are found in? Since you can only find a limited amount per set, the odds of pulling a given trainer gallery card in a pack are influenced by the proportion of rare cards in their set.

This distribution of trainer gallery cards can individual copies hard to obtain, especially in sets with up to thirty trainer gallery cards.

Comparisons with Other Card Types

Are trainer gallery cards rarer than say, alternate art cards or vintage Pokémon cards?

Since your chances of pulling an ultra-rare card are similar between trainer gallery, alt art, and VMAX cards, you will need to consider the proportion of cards in a given set.

For example, sets may have 100 different rare cards, but only 20 of those are trainer gallery cards. However, this ratio may still be more favorable for trainer gallery cards than alternate art cards, which may only have a couple of cards per set.

This makes trainer gallery cards valuable, especially if you are purchasing individual cards rather than opening packs. However, other than a few popular exceptions, most trainer gallery cards are still less expensive than ultra rare vintage cards or alternate art cards.

Specific Examples of Rare Trainer Gallery Cards

To give you an idea of what to expect when hunting for rare trainer gallery cards, let’s explore a few examples.

As one of the first sets containing trainer gallery cards, the Cosmic Eclipse set featured a limited run with unique artwork. One of our favorites is Cosmic Eclipse Piplup, which features the iconic anime duo of Dawn and Piplup.

The Sword and Shield set Brilliant Stars contains 30 trainer galley cards, ranging from Umbreon VMAX to Sylveon V, making it an excellent set to invest in if you are a fan of Eeveelutions.

If you are a fan of everyone’s favorite fire lizard, you can even find trainer gallery Charizard Pokémon cards for sale. The Lost Origin Charizard features it and Galar Champion Leon together in cute artwork that will also pack a punch in competitive play.

Tips for Identifying and Valuing

Since trainer gallery cards have evolved, learning how to identify them will require a little bit of research. Trainer gallery cards are considered ‘Secret Rare’ or ‘Ultra Rare’, and many of them feature a “TG” Prefix in their numbering.

For example, the Astral Radiance set Starmie V is denoted as TG13 and ‘Secret Rare’.

As for figuring out English or Japanese Pokémon card values, you will want to learn how to evaluate the condition of cards. The PSA grading system can help you find accurate values for your cards.

You can also check out community resources like our Danireon Discord or Reddit to get an idea of what cards go for on the market.

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to trainer gallery cards, all that is left is to find them!

Where Can You Find Rare Trainer Gallery Cards in Canada?

Finding Pokémon singles in Canada is easier than you might think, even if you are searching for rare trainer gallery cards. When searching for a vendor or marketplace, you’ll want to ensure you have a safe buying experience with merchants featuring authentic cards and a vast inventory.

The Importance of Safety and Authenticity

Authenticity is paramount for collectors, as unfortunately, counterfeit cards are floating around the secondhand market. These fraudulent cards can undermine the integrity of the collecting experience and cause you to lose money and value on your investment.

We also recommend our guide on how to tell if Pokémon cards are fake to assist you while shopping.

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How to Choose a Rare Trainer Gallery Card

The most enjoyable part of shopping for Pokemon trading cards is finding the perfect fit for your collection. Make a list of your favorite Pokemon and anime characters, and research to see if they feature on a trainer gallery card.

You can use resources like Google or our Danireon Discord to learn what’s available. From there, you can try to open booster packs from the set your desired card is featured in, or browse our inventory to see if we have a particular card in stock.

Wrapping Up Our Guide to How Rare Trainer Gallery Cards Are

Let’s recap our article before you run off to research your favorite Pokemon. How rare are trainer gallery cards?

You can expect them in roughly one out of every 10 to 20 booster packs. They are easier to find as individual cards but are sufficiently rare enough that you may need to invest some money into them.

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