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The Premium Binder for Card Collectors. Compatible with 3x4" Toploaders for Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Sports Cards and more!

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What is a toploader binder?

Card collectors that want to add an extra layer of protection by keeping their cards in toploaders can now display those in a beautiful binder.

Designed to accomodate all 3x4'' toploaders, these premium binders allow you to easily slide your toploaders into individual pockets.
Toploader binder - Pokémon Toploader Binders

Multi Cover Finishes and Color Variations

Choose from toploader binders that feature different leather cover finishes - get the color that speaks about your collection!
Toploader binder with zipper

Open and Close with a smooth Zipper

Each binder features a zipper to keep your cards safe even when you put it away! 

Sideloading Profile

It's as simple as using a regular sideloading binder, except that it fits your toploaders! The felt backing provides an extra layer of protection.

These Toploader Binders are Suitable for:

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

Magic: The Gathering

Hockey, Basketball, Football, etc.

Benefits of using Toploader Binders


Using Toploader binders provides better card protection than traditional sleeves + binder.


Binders are great for showing your collection — toploaders display nicely insde the pockets.


Toploader binders are easier to carry than boxes, cases or briefcases. 


Easily insert or remove cards in toploaders, store the binder away seamlessly.

Enhance your collection now with a Toploader Binder

Keep your cards in Toploaders! 

Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. What type of Toploaders fit in the pockets?
    A: These toploader binders are designed specifically for 3x4'' toploaders, although smaller toploaders could also fit inside the pockets.
  2. Q. How many pages or pockets are there?
    A: The amount of pages and pockets depends on the model, make sure to check the description for each toploader binder to find the specifications.