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Toploader Binder Options

Shop our various Toploader Binder Options - including 3x3 252 slot Toploader binders and 2x2 112 slot Toploader Binders. Ships Canada-Wide and to the U.S.
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Store, Protect & Diplay your cards in toploaders

No need to compromise between storing your cards in a binder or placing each one in a toploader — Now you can do both! A toploader binder is the easiest and most convenient way to showcase your collection in all its glory while keeping them safe, secure and stored.

A toploader binder provides additional protection comparatively to regular 4, 9 or 12 pocket binders. With their premium leather covers, rigid spine and sturdy page design, your cards can sit in their toploaders and bit pulled out or sideloaded into pockets with ease.

Danireon Toploader Binder vs Others

Our toploader binder was designed to achieve a simple goal: Store, Protect and Display your Cards in Toploaders. With a Danireon Toploader binder you can expect:

  • Premium Cover and Interior Finish — Some toploader binders are often made of non-durable, felt-like material that tears and stretches over time
  • 252 Card Slots — Most standard Toploader Binders only include 216 slots, which is not enough for some master sets
  • Reinforced Spine — A very important feature that is often overlooked to save costs, which leads to durability issues with the increased weight of the hard sleeves
  • Zipper Enclosure — You can find non-zippered Toploader Binders which are held closed by an elastic band, which doesn't offer the best protection for your cards